Amanda Nedergaard - Case Study

300% Extended LTV In 6 Months

In the past three years, Amanda Nedergaard has turned her business completely around, starting from our initial collaboration.

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The Journey

In 2020, with Peter – co-founder of EmpowrCoach by her side, Amanda took the plunge into online coaching. Coming from a personal victory of losing 40 kilos, her business quickly picked up speed. It grew so fast, in fact, that meeting the demand became increasingly challenging.

Despite previous engagements with different agencies, in July 2023, Amanda decided to return to Peter and EmpowrCoach, the place where her professional journey began. This decision marked a new phase of continuous growth and development.

An ROI of 6 from paid marketing, coupled with a strategic repositioning of her brand and offerings, led to tripling the lifetime value of her clients — a move that’s been incredibly impressive.

Brand Repositioning

Amanda had always aspired to be recognized as a leading authority in her niche, focusing on binge eating disorders.

Together, we crafted a forward-looking strategy for lead generation, brand positioning, and the pricing of her services, all tailored to her vision.

Website Redesign

Amanda, a creative at heart who’s no stranger to hard work, decided it was time for her website to reflect her evolving brand. The redesign makes it easier for newcomers to grasp her expertise and become captivated by what she offers.

Paid Advertising

Usually, before joining forces with EmpowrCoach, running paid ads is rarely a profitable strategy for the coaches we work with due to the lack of strategic individualization for each coach and their brand that other agencies seem to mistakenly overlook.

By diving deep into Amanda’s unique story and differentiators from other coaches, we fine-tuned her market positioning within her niche. This ongoing collaboration has enabled Amanda to manage her leads more effectively, ensuring she never feels like she’s pushing her services too hard.

Boosting Lifetime Value by 300% in 6 Months

In less than half a year, Amanda has managed to boost the lifetime value of her clients by over 300%. Despite the hurdles of keeping pace with demand, we’re excited to continue this journey with her, aiming for greater heights in the years to come.