Kaia Fuglerud - Case Study

400% Growth In 4 Months!

We began our partnership with Kaia in August 2023, and by January 2024, we had more than quadrupled her revenue. This achievement was made possible through a unique and specialized strategy for paid marketing, combined with a renewed focus on brand identity, a refreshed website, and custom content tailored to her profile.

The success of our efforts has enabled Kaia to transition to a full-time online coach, with ambitious plans laid out for 2024 to embark on an even greater growth journey!

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Path to Success

Our journey with Kaia started just over five months ago and has been a whirlwind of progress from the start. In close collaboration with Kaia, we focused intensely on developing a paid marketing setup that precisely matched her profile and target audience. The results have been remarkable: an average ROAS of over 13.4 in the past five months, along with a significant increase in her revenue.

After a thorough planning and analysis of Kaia’s existing brand and the target audience she could best serve and achieve results for, we crafted a detailed plan to market her to this audience. Through a series of A/B tests, we identified the most effective types of content and targeting for Kaia’s profile, leading to a steady flow of new, interested, and qualified leads every day.

We managed all crucial aspects of Kaia’s business transformation, including:

  • Developing a conversion-optimized website filled with in-depth information that addresses the target audience’s challenges and goals. (And remember, you don’t need to pay an agency 25.000 NOK for a website; we offer websites and landing pages for free to our coaches.)
  • Implementing a new pricing structure that extends the lifetime value of Kaia’s clients, not only increasing her earnings per client but also contributing to a more stable business by reducing monthly customer churn.
  • Providing graphic solutions for her content. Our dedicated ‘Social Media Specialists’ assist the coach with graphic elements for content and more.
  • A completely customized paid marketing setup, tailored to Kaia’s profile and target audience.
  • Assistance in improving the ‘product’ for her existing customers, enhancing their experience and promoting organic growth.
  • Sales training to facilitate Kaia’s conversion of incoming leads.
  • …and many other initiatives.

What Made the Success?

The key difference in our approach lies in the method we’ve developed at EmpowrCoach, which effectively identifies the most optimal angle for marketing and building a brand identity. This approach ensures that the target audience is not only interested in what our coach sells but also feels heard and understood, generating more qualified leads.

Content and paid marketing can be approached in numerous ways, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. However, one thing is certain: We typically see a growth of 50-100% for our coaches within the first six months of our collaboration. Kaia’s case is just one example of how we’ve been able to multiply the business for several other coaches since the beginning of our partnership, as detailed in our case studies.

Through our analytical approach, we’ve established a process that allows us to engage in partnerships with full confidence that our efforts will lead to progress, provided the coach is open to our suggested initiatives. Kaia has been an exemplary case of how rapid implementation of our strategies can accelerate growth.

Future & Growth

Kaia has set ambitious goals for the future and has fully embraced her role as a full-time coach. With this in mind, we have intensified our marketing efforts for 2024 and planned to gradually increase the advertising budget. This decision is based on valuable insights gained over the past five months, guiding us to fine-tune our strategy to optimize effectiveness.