Frederik Aagaard - Case Study

80% Growth in top-line revenue over 5 months

In the last five months, we’ve collaborated closely with Frederik Aagaard to achieve remarkable progress for his brand and business through targeted changes. Prior to our partnership, Frederik experienced a period of stagnation due to an unclear and insufficient growth strategy. Our efforts focused on the most needed areas, including comprehensive rebranding, sharper target audience definition, and optimizations of his website, sales processes, and content strategy.

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Frederik Aagaard has been a long-time player in the industry, previously associated with a major competitor of EmpowrCoach, which failed to add significant value to his business. Subsequently, he chose to operate his business independently, handling strategy development and implementation on his own.

Recognizing the value of professional collaboration like that offered by EmpowrCoach, Frederik reached out to us, motivated by the results we had achieved for other trainers he knew. We quickly identified specific changes that could significantly enhance his business.

As a result of our partnership, within just five months, we’ve helped Frederik increase his revenue by over 80%.

Enhanced Lifetime Value and Targeted, Motivated Leads

Frederik faced the challenge of a broad and unspecified target audience. It’s tempting for coaches to accept all potential clients showing interest, but this often leads to a lack of clear audience specification, making followers feel the message isn’t directly tailored to them.

We addressed this by carefully defining Frederik’s target audience, fine-tuning his communications, and planning content that speaks directly to this group. These efforts have led to more engaged leads and a rise of over 10.000 new followers.

Additionally, Frederik’s pricing structure previously led to frequent client turnover. We revised this structure, which has doubled the value of each client. Despite higher prices, the targeted leads and improved branding have ensured that the number of new clients has actually increased.

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Campaign Planning, Website Updates, and Marketing Strategies

One of the key outcomes of our partnership was the adjustment of his target audience, which paved the way for planning a series of campaigns in 2024. The implementation of these carefully selected marketing strategies has been crucial in driving significant revenue growth.

At EmpowrCoach, we maintain a comprehensive focus on ensuring everything from A to Z is tailored and meticulously planned for each coach. This ensures that every coach maintains a unique brand reflected in everything from content and graphic design to websites and landing pages.

Through our strategic adjustments, we have achieved significant increases in both revenue and follower count with Frederik, strengthening the foundation for his future business endeavors.