Malin Staude - Case Study

430% Growth In 10 Months!

With a revamped pricing structure, fresh marketing strategies, and the introduction of paid marketing, Malin has more than quadrupled her revenue in the last 10 months.

Balancing her studies at university with her training as a personal coach, Malin leaped into a full-time coaching career after graduating. Our partnership began shortly after, focusing on building a stable and profitable business for her. The aim was to ensure she had peace of mind with a consistent influx of leads and a growing number of new clients each month.

After establishing a solid foundation, we introduced paid marketing and a new pricing structure. These changes were the push Malin needed, acting as the catalyst for significant growth and continuous business expansion.

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Brand Building:

Malin has developed a brand that genuinely resonates with her target audience of women aged 20-35, with our support and guidance on content. Her audience often reaches out to her seeking transformation and self-improvement, looking for a coach who understands the importance of balancing a busy life.

We achieved this by creating content across various topics and categories, often drawn directly from Malin’s life, showcasing how to maintain a balance between fitness and everyday life.

This approach led several of her videos to become semi-viral. We continue to drive greater engagement and attract new followers who could potentially become clients in Malin’s coaching programs.

By positioning the brand more as a “friend giving advice” rather than a salesperson chasing the next sale, we’ve successfully converted organic followers and improved the quality of paid leads.

Paid Advertising:

Paid marketing in Norway has been a significant success for us at EmpowrCoach, and Malin is a prime example. By employing a unique and personalized strategy, we’ve achieved an impressive average ROAS of 15.4 over the last 10 months, with a record-high ROAS of 25.88 in a single month. This means that for every 10,000 NOK invested in marketing, Malin has generated an average additional revenue of 154,000 NOK over the lifetime of her customers.

54% of Malin’s new clients in 2023 came directly from our paid ads, leading to a steady supply of warm leads that Malin converts into high-LTV customers. The best part is, she doesn’t have to spend time generating these leads herself, as we handle all the practicalities.

We are now poised and ready to elevate Malin’s paid marketing to a new level. Looking forward to 2024, we have a well-developed strategy that promises even more growth for Malin.

4X Revenue Growth in 10 Months 📈

In just 10 months, Malin has transformed her business and brand into one of the leading coaching services in Norway. Despite the rapid pace and development, the long lifespan of her client base has ensured that her business is on a stable and secure growth trajectory.

In close collaboration with Malin, we look forward to taking her business to new heights in 2024. Our goal is to establish Malin as the leading coach in her segment in the Norwegian market.