Rene Macapili - Case Study

65% Growth In Top-line Revenue

Over the last six months, our partnership with Rene Macapili has led to a remarkable 65% increase in revenue. More importantly, Rene’s profits have significantly grown under our guidance, prompting the decision to invest in a full-time coach. This move allows him to focus on areas of his business that matter most.

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As one of the leading online coaches in Denmark, Rene aimed to elevate his business without compromising profit. Previous collaborations with other partners were either too costly or failed to meet the potential of Rene’s brand.

Our focus areas included scaling, campaign planning, sales optimization, and lead generation.

Increasing Lifetime Value and Extending Client Relationships

One challenge Rene faced was the need to constantly bring in a high volume of clients each month to boost revenue. We intensified our focus on this issue by promoting longer-term commitments from clients right from the start. Additionally, we equipped Rene with strategies to handle inquiries more effectively and sell longer programs, resulting in a 35-40% increase in lifetime value.

Enhanced Interaction on Instagram, Campaign Planning, and More Organic Leads

Highlighting client successes and better capitalization on these stories significantly drove organic lead generation. In Q1 2024, Rene saw a doubling of client conversions compared to Q1 2023, thanks to improved campaign planning in January and a more streamlined content strategy that balanced value-based content with social selling.

Rene’s business continues to grow steadily each month, leading to the hiring of Morten as a full-time coach, a transition we facilitated. Our weekly meetings with Rene focus on jointly set KPIs, as well as financial management and profit optimization. From day one, our collaboration’s foundation has been to ensure profit growth alongside revenue, carefully balancing these critical metrics.