Rikke Fohlmann - Case Study

350% Growth In 1-on-1 Coaching Business

Rikke Fohlmann, a mother of two young children, approached us with the ambition to pivot her business drastically. She wanted to transition from selling meal plan subscriptions at 349 DKK per month to focusing on her 1:1 coaching programs. Within just 6 months, we achieved a 350% growth in this area of her business.

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On her own, Rikke had attracted a significant following on her profile through her meal recipes but lacked a concrete strategy to capitalize on this audience and upsell them into high-ticket programs.

Restructuring the Business Model

As a mother of two young children, Rikke naturally gravitated towards targeting other mothers who could relate to her own 40-kilo weight loss journey.

Developing effective seasonal campaigns, restructuring her organic social media posts, providing sales coaching, and leveraging her Instagram stories laid the foundation for her success.

A key focus was making Rikke comfortable with initial consultations with potential clients, as “sales” had never been her strong suit. Through training and streamlining her sales processes, she was able to sell her coaching programs at an average price of 15,000 DKK just 6 months later—a fifteenfold increase compared to her meal plan subscriptions.

Rikke’s Business Today

Together with Rikke, we have created more continuity and predictability in her revenue. This stability brings peace of mind, balancing family life with a thriving business that now harmonizes perfectly.