Thomas Rathsack - Case Study

600% Growth In Net Profit

Thomas Rathsack, a former special forces operator, author, speaker, and founder of #levforhelvede, has been under the guidance of EmpowrCoach for 8 months, seeking practical execution and tangible results that were missing from a previous collaboration.

Thomas leads a team of experts in nutrition, exercise, and mental coaching. The need for a sharper focus on the bottom line was identified early on, leading to enhanced sales channels, onboarding processes, and overall lifetime value since the start of our partnership.


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Profit Optimization & Pricing

From the onset, the priority for Thomas was to bring in new dynamics that could spotlight him and his business, aiming to increase the average lifetime value per customer and monthly net profits continuously.

In just 8 months, we’ve nearly doubled the monthly revenue, increased the lifetime value of each client by 300%, and most importantly, boosted the net profit by a staggering 800%.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising has always been a crucial effort for Thomas and his team. Our focus was on identifying the most profitable target audience for paid marketing efforts.

By outsourcing the entire value chain to us, including sales, paid social, and management, we’ve achieved a highly effective synergy between these departments. This integration allows us to be more agile and transparent with Thomas, providing rapid insights.

An 800% Increase in Net Profit Compared to Previous Collaborations

The partnership has been exceedingly satisfactory in less than 8 months.

Thomas has managed to elevate his net profit by 800% with EmpowrCoach’s collaboration. Most importantly, Thomas has gained greater transparency into his key performance indicators, experiencing more freedom, time, and peace within his business.

Thomas Personally States:

“My collaboration with EmpowrCoach has been extremely positive. EmpowrCoach is incredibly hardworking, results-oriented, and proactive. When they approached my team, they presented a concrete strategy for:

1) increasing revenue, and

2) retaining our clients within my business.

In close cooperation with my team, EmpowrCoach has realized this strategy. It’s a pleasure to have them on board.”