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360° Solution For Your Coaching Business

Everything you need to grow in exposure, earn more, & scale your coaching business – so you can focus on what you do best; Coaching your clients.

Organic Content Strategy

What, how & when & what to post to grow, earn trust & generate leads through your Instagram

Paid Marketing & lead Generation

A-Z SoMe marketing to generate high-quality leads, increase your social following & gain more exposure.

Personal Brand Growth

How do you resonate with and convert your ideal customer from a follower to a client? Proper personal brand positioning ensures you're speaking their language.

Bespoke Seasonal Campaigns

In-depth campaigns plan to match seasons & buying behavior throughout the year and thereby increase lead generation so you close more clients.

Creating a Scaleable Foundation

How to productize your services in a better way that increases customer satisfaction & your bottom line at the same time.

Comprehensive KPI & Metrics Analasys

We prioritize profit over revenue. Our approach is initially driven by KPIs and is fully transparent, ensuring you understand your actual earnings.

Email Marketing

We plan, send & build comprehensive email strategies to enhance your reach & build trust with potential new clients.

Business Blueprint

Working with us gives you access to everything we know from working with more than +100 coaches worldwide. Our blueprint will be your blueprint!

Your Own Content Specialist

Stop stressing about your next social media post. With EmpowrCoach, you get your own go-to person to help you figure out what to post and when. We've got your social content covered


EmpowrCoach Team

Over 7 years of proven experience in successfully growing multiple trainer businesses to 7 figures and beyond

Based on your business, we offer you a 360-degree solution, which includes: 

  • Organic social media strategy

  • Business development

  • Sales coaching and sales techniques

  • Brand development

  • Paid marketing

Key performance indicators

A growth partner that consistently delivers profitable results for your coaching business. We prioritize profit over revenue and consistent growth over empty promises. We concentrate on providing tangible, concrete results for your business, so the only limit is your own ambition.


That’s how much on average our partnered coaches grow in profits within the first 6 months working with us.


That’s how much time we weekly on average spend per coach with our 360° solution. Working with us puts you at the center of our attention. Every day - every week!


That's how many clients our partnered coaches are closing the first 30 days working with us

Comprehensive and unique brand development to grow your followers and revenue

In a competitive online coaching space, connecting with your audience determines success.

Partner with EmpowrCoach to:

  • Use stories for powerful lead generation

  • Draw in the right followers via reels

  • Turn followers into loyal, monthly clients

  • Post organically with content that clicks with your audience

  • Launch timely campaigns that truly make an impact!

What makes a good match?

We’re potentially a match if:

  • You’re already full-time and wants to scale beyond 6-figures

  • You have a deep desire to learn and grow your social media and hereby revenue

  • You’re looking for a long-term partner-in-crime that allows you to grow profitably

We’re probably not a match if:

  • You’re new in business or part-time online coach with less than 20 clients

  • You’re not interested in growing your social media and posting daily content

  • You’re satisfied with your current situation and revenue

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