Sandra Rosenkrantz - Case Study

400% Growth In 6 Months

Sandra Rozenkrantz, a mother of two young boys and a true businesswoman, has launched into an extraordinary growth journey over the past 6 months that has elevated her business to new heights.

The Journey Begins
For the past four years, Sandra has been coaching, constantly feeling the pressure to chase new clients to make ends meet.

In a transformative collaboration with EmpowrCoach, we focused on boosting her revenue through her newly developed “PowerMom Exclusive” program, which has proven to be a golden egg not just for her but also for her clients.

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Brand Repositioning

As a mother herself, Sandra aimed to connect with other mothers dreaming of weight loss. Within just 6 months, she attracted 10,000 new followers on Instagram, thanks to a content strategy highly relevant to her target audience. This included tips on food, shopping, snacks, and breakfast miracles, successfully selling her “PowerMom Exclusive” program to this group.

Moreover, Sandra shared at the start of our partnership that selling high-priced services had always been a challenge for her. However, just 6 months into our collaboration, we’ve managed to increase her clients’ lifetime value by over 700% through strategic pricing and weekly sales coaching.

In other words, she’s now earning seven times more per client than before.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can seem like a gamble for many coaches, so we started with small budgets for Sandra. This approach has yielded exceptional results, turning every dollar spent on ads into twelve. With custom landing pages, relatable and emotional ad copy, ample social proof, and sales coaching, we’ve actually had to scale down the marketing budget to ensure Sandra can keep up.

Tripling Revenue in 6 Months

In less than 6 months, in partnership with EmpowrCoach, Sandra has tripled her monthly revenue and increased her bottom line by 400%. But most importantly, Sandra has gained a sense of freedom, more time on her hands, and the ability to delve deeper with each client.

Sandra herself states, “The journey has been astonishing and deeply motivating. This experience has not only empowered me to elevate my prices but also to concentrate on refining and delivering a product that genuinely produces results.